Six Women Sue Harvey Weinstein And Top Weinstein Co. Executives

Six Women Sue Harvey Weinstein And Top Weinstein Co. Executives

Harvey Weinstein was hit with a lawsuit again. This time six women have sued Weinstein, seeking to represent a class of “dozens, if not hundreds” of women who claim they were sexually assaulted by the fallen movie mogul.

The lawsuit, filed at a New York federal court on Wednesday, claims that Weinstein’s cover-up of the assaults amounted to civil racketeering, a crime most commonly used in cases involving mafia or other crime organizations.

The lawsuit alleges that Weinstein created a coalition of companies and people and worked together to hide his sexual harassment and assaults.

The defendants in the lawsuit include Weinstein's brother Bob and Knicks owner James Dolan, a former director of the Weinstein Co.

“The Weinstein Sexual Enterprise had many participants, grew over time as the obfuscation of Weinstein's conduct became more difficult to conceal,” the suit said.

Plaintiffs are scriptwriter Louisette Geiss and actresses Katherine Kendall, Zoe Brock, Sarah Ann Thomas (aka Sarah Ann Masse), Melissa Sagemiller, and Nanette Klatt. However, anyone who was a Weinstein victim can join in.

All six women, who told their stories publicly, alleged that Weinstein met them in various states of undress during auditions, interviews, or business meetings.

“Harvey Weinstein is a predator. Bob (Weinstein) knew it. The board knew it. The lawyers knew it. The private investigators knew it. Hollywood knew it. We knew it. Now the world knows it,” they said in a joint statement.

“We have watched in horror, amazement, pride and gratitude in the last two months as women (and men) the world over have come forward and named their abusers. We stand with all those brave people who have had the courage and temerity to shine a spotlight into the darkness. Predators thrive in the shadows. It is only by keeping their secrets for them that we allow them to get away with it,” the statement further read.

The lawsuit also claims that Weinstein used to lure actresses and other women to industry events, hotel rooms, his home, office meetings or auditions with the false promise of a discussion for projects.

A lawyer for Weinstein hasn’t responded to the lawsuit yet.

More than 100 women have come forward to reveal how they were sexually harassed by Weinstein. This was a tipping point on sexual misconducts and numerous men and women have since opened up about their own experience of being sexually assaulted by prominent men in entertainment, business, politics, and media.

Weinstein, who was ousted from the company he confounded, is being investigated by the police in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Photo credit: CNN