7 Super-Stylish Sportswear Brands to Know Now

Collection Fashion, Darling.

We've come a long way from the days of lycra and sweat bands. That clear and categorical divide that used to exist between fitness gear and fashionable clothing has all but dissipated. Now, you can wear your yoga pants to brunch and your strappy little sports bra out clubbing. And isn't that just beautiful?

More and more brands are smashing their well-trained fists ate traditional definitions of what constitutes sportswear, and creating some covetable collections in the process. Here are seven you should know about.

1. P.E. Nation (34P.E35

2. Lucas Hugh (http://www.lucashugh.com) Between the slick futuristic cuts and bright neon accents, Lucas Hugh could be the wardrobe lovechild of Star Trek and TRON — only with an ultra-luxurious, modern edge. This is high performance gear that makes for high-octane styling.

3. Lilybod (http://www.lilybod.com) Lilybod is mostly about leggings, but there's plenty to be said for doing one thing and doing it well. Their styles are flattering and well-cut, with just enough design flair to make them look chic and interesting. 

4. L'urv (http://www.lurv.com.au) Australian label L'urv is all about merging function and fitness. Collections draw inspiration from beyond the usual sports stripes cliche, like last season's mod-inspired houndstooth and polka dots, which were a breath of fresh air. Keep an eye on what they'll come up with next.

5. Varley (147patented technology148proprietary fabrics149I need that sports bra in my life150

6. Heroine Sport (http://www.heroinesport.com) Understated, minimal, tomboyish and just plain sexy, Heroine Sport has its own particular aesthetic nailed. If being able to have your gym gear double as streetwear sounds like your kind of thing, then Heroine Sport’s pieces are well worth getting your hands on.

7. Outdoor Voices (206recreationalist207

Do you have any other favorites? 

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