8 Exquisite Lingerie Labels You Need to Know

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February is synonymous with lingerie, for obvious reasons. But regardless of whether there's a special occasion or not, there’s never a bad time to send yourself a heartfelt Valentine in the form of something lacy and beautiful.

Photo: Cristina Aielli Lingerie.

That in mind, here are eight lingerie labels that should definitely be on your radar. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a gift to someone else, theirs are the kind of exquisite pieces that will leave you breathless.

1. Cristina Aielli - http://www.cristinaaielli.com

Cristina Aielli is a true artisan. Her lingerie is made-to-measure, individually designed and handcrafted in Italy from premium Italian fabrics using haute couture tailoring techniques. To put it simply: Every piece is divine. Perhaps most spectacular of all is her use of invisible tulle, which turns bodies into gardens.

Cristina Aielli's Velvet Garden collection.

2. Yasmine Eslami - https://yasmine-eslami.com

Parisian designer Yasmine Eslami cut her sartorial teeth during a 10 year stint at Vivienne Westwood, where she became enraptured with the finer details of corsetry. Her eponymous line was launched in 2010 and ever since then she's produced sleek, sensual collections that eschew padding in favour of styles that work with the natural form of a woman’s body.

Photo: Olivier Zahm for Yasmine Eslami.

3. Erica M - http://ericam.com

Fishnet is usually found on feet and trompe l'oeil details on Baroque ceilings, but New York label Erica M defies both conventions by putting the two things together in lingerie. The brand's knitted second-skin garments have a particular eroticism that's difficult to describe, but easy to fall in love with.

Photo: Erica M “Nouveau Garden” Campaign.

4. Kriss Soonik - http://kriss-soonik.com


Photo: Kriss Soonik “The Morning After” campaign.

5. Hopeless Lingerie - http://hopelesslingerie.com

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Photo: Hopeless Lingerie “The Awakening” campaign.

6. Fortnight Lingerie - https://fortnightlingerie.com

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Photo: Fortnight Lingerie S/S17 campaign.

7. Absolutely Pom - http://www.absolutelypom.com

Some lingerie brands really are about seduction and sex-appeal, and naturally the French do it better. Absolutely Pom is an expression of the bold and assertive woman who isn't afraid to awaken her sensuality.

Photo: Pierre Dal Corso for Absolutely Pom.

8. La Fille d'O - http://lafilledo.com

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Photo: La Fille d’O “The Greatest” collection.

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