Altered beauty and fierce personality is just the beginning

Altered beauty and fierce personality is just the beginning

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One mind blowing image, dance step and fashion shoot at a time, Viktoria Modesta pulverizes common perceptions of power and sexuality in people with disabilities.

Her intentions are no less than to prove that disabilities don't make a person less, but -especially with bionic parts – it makes them even more.

 Viktoria collaborated with Channel 4 and together they showcased the world’s first amputee pop artist, and once you watch it, you'll totally forget what you think you know.

Her goal, she says has been to 'integrate marginal voices into the mainstream conversation without courting sympathy or victimisation'. There is nothing powerless about the beautiful woman strutting elegantly in the video while wearing a knee-high black metal spike.

 “Some of us were born to be different; some of us were born to take risks.”

 Communicating how people feel about their body through prosthesis in a positive way is just at the beginning of dialougue. Is it empowering or unsettling to imagine the future... you decide. 

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