Entrée into High Society includes a snub and a heist

Collection LiLo's Comeback

#LiLo makes her entrée into #British and #European #highsociety at a #fashionshow for #Gucci. But it wasn't all #glitz and #glamour at the famous #couture #catwalk and afterparty bash.

Gucci models strut their stuff.

Designer #AlessandroMichele graced #WestminsterAbbey's ancient stone pews with his resort collection seat cushions, which were fancifully decorated with embroidered animals from bees to tigers.  Can't have all those rich derrières becoming sore, now can we? And although guests were allowed to take one cushion with them, #French #Vogue #Editor-in-Chief Emmanuelle Alt took three, quite #greedy!

89plus one90

But then there was the Gucci Resort Show after party at the historic 106 #Piccadilly in #Mayfair, where Lindsay and Lady Victoria showed up in coordinating gowns...accidentally of course.

And then we get to the last bit that wasn't quite fun. One the way home, an un-named man, 136friend of a friend137 while they rode in an #Uber. As it turns out, Lindsay also had trouble earlier in the evening when someone wrestled with her handbag as well, breaking the handle. It's a night on the town for the #swells, whatcha gonna do?  

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