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Lady mags, lady mags, stop telling me what I must wear. Stop telling me that I can only wear certain items if I’m in my 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Lady mags, lady mags stop being so damn judgmental when it comes to how I should dress and to some degree, love myself. Lady mags, I thought your mission was to empower women, so why do you always try to break us down? Why do you try to confuse us all the time?

Dear lady mags, I know you need to get hits. I know you need to sell issues. I’ve been covering fashion for a while, so I get the deal. But could you make up your mind? One issue, you proclaim heels are dead. The next month you proclaim that only four-inch platforms must do. Seriously, could you make up your mind before you decide to play with ours?

Lady Mags what do your headlines “What IT Girls Covet,” “The Hottest Bag That’s ALMOST Sold Out,” “How to Dress Like an IT Girl” say about you? You keep touting these “IT Girls,” who most of the time are manufactured by various PR or branding firms.

Does the average woman really care how to shop like a French girl? Does the average woman really want to dress like an Instagram star? Speaking of Instagram stars, we’ve learned through countless interviews with them that most of their photos are Photoshopped. That their “real life” photoshoots are staged. And their clothes are borrowed! Could you stop beating these tropes to death?

Lady mags, lady mags, how about telling us to embrace our inner goddess instead? How about dressing for the way you feel instead of attempting to ape some unimaginable, unattainable being that doesn’t exist? We know you Photoshop everything.

Image Credit: Pinterest  One moment, you’ve got Ashley Graham on the cover of your publication, and the next moment, you’re telling us that we all need to diet. Which is it? Seriously. Instead of thinking we’re mindless and dumb, why not write about politics, the environment, the world. Are you still holding on to the old white man trope of, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it”?

How about feeding our minds instead of telling us how to spend our precious lucre? Why is it a teen mag, Teen Vogue had the balls to publish Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America? They frequently publish articles on transgender issues, world politics etc., while you’re twittering away about aspirational fashion, or how we’re aging ourselves by wearing the wrong makeup.

If I want to wear a Doctor Who tee with a tulle skirt and sneakers, don’t tell me that I can’t. No, please go tell me I can’t, because then I’ll do it with a vengeance.

We should all be our own style icons. We should all be our own goddesses. The only rule of fashion, of shopping should be that if we love it, if it fits us well and we feel like we could take down Thor in it, then we buy it and wear it. We, as women, should look out for each other. We should help keep each other informed on issues, as well as deals and steals.

I get that preying on a woman’s insecurity can get you clicks, can make you sell lots of issues. I also get that you can still be fashionable, smart and kind. Try it sometime.

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