Roger's Summer Collection with Nike

Roger's Summer Collection with Nike

Fashionista ? 3 years ago

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After being thrust on the Red Carpet many times at a young age, Roger learned that he'd have to get used to being well-dressed a whole lot of the time -- especially if he kept up his winning ways, and jetset lifestyle! So he thought about fashion and comfort a great deal.

At first, he only offered his preferences as to colors and style (polo or crew neck).

But recently, Nike asked him to take on a project of collaborating with a team on a Summer Collection, where he'd have a lot more input and they'd ask for his ideas.

He acknowledges his older preferences were usually limited to the cut of the outfit:  he went through his 85baggy86when he was following the basketball trend, and then he moved toward a more tailored look when he was in his grown up stage.

This new Collection is Street Wear in style, made for people who are on the move, athletic and obviously multi-tasking. Fit to wear both on the court, and off the court. And hopefully, for the pure comfort and coziness. As Roger demonstrates, it looks good enough to run around town in, when you've got four kids and a Suburban parked around the corner...

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