Sakura continued to blossom in Tokyo via Dior haute couture show

Sakura continued to blossom in Tokyo via Dior haute couture show

The peak of the cherry blossom season has passed in most of Japan but they still  ruled in Dior Haute Couture's Summer 2017 live show in the capital. The stunning show was staged to celebrate of the opening of the House of Dior boutique at Ginza Six.  Maria Grazia Chiuri, formerly of the houses of Fendi and Valentino who took over the helm of Dior in January focused on femininity and took inspiration from Christian Dior's 1953 collection of Japan-inspired designs adorned with cherry blossom motifs.

Maria Grazia Chiuri's gorgeous interpretations of Jardin Japonais in the most feminine styles via IG. 

Pre-show an artisan at work applying the delicate flowers in this silky stunning cape. 

These dexterous team of women in Paris were behind the 'blossoms' in the dresses, all done meticulously by hand. 

Maria Gracia Chiure the head of design at the House of Dior in Paris. 

More looks from the show in Tokyo, this one with a matching feminine jacket and feathers in blush and pink. 

Glowing and luminous makeup the Dior way for this pixie-esque pink-haired beauty. 

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