SF Chinatown's seniors and their dazzling street style

SF Chinatown's seniors and their dazzling street style

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This genius blog by San Francisco-based friends and fashionista scouts Andria Lo and Valerie Luu shines a tender spotlight on the elderly longtime residents of SF's China Town.  

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Check out that pinky ring! Our friend from Ross Alley never ceases to surprise.

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The blog often goes behind the scenes to highlight the stories and lives of the fashionable people they feature, and Estelle Kelley is one such personality with a big story behind her regal and formidable street style. 

Miss Kelley fled a communist China as a young girl only to end up orphaned in Oakland, eventually joining Forbidden City, a well known Chinese cabaret that featured performers and dancers. 

She worked there for 12 years, and saw famous people rolling through the cabaret like ducks in a row: Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Shirley Temple, and others. 

And life was hard. In her interview with Chinatown Pretty, Estelle says: “I don’t remember anything from when I was 22-27. I was a single mom, dancing in the 1950s.”

(All photos from Chinatown Pretty)

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