Springtime at the house of Pucci is laid back with popping prints

Collection Spring/Summer

How can something that pops ALSO be laid back? Pucci gets it. Springtime is skateboarding in an empty pool and hanging with your friend Karlie. 

Images: Emilio Pucci on Instagram

The Pucci label, out of Florence is known for producing laid back stylish clothes with eye popping prints & color. This is what's making everybody's must-have list right now. 

Pucci's iconic psychedelic prints are totally over the top fun and much of the style, especially because of the textiles seems to be about freedom - rhythm & movement. 

There are dedicated Pucci Girls at every fashion show.

Current Pucci designer Massimo Giorgetti with a client/fan.

Such an honor to meet #MassimoGiorgetti @emiliopucci @socialcapital

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Suzy Menkes chimes in for Vogue. 

Emilio Pucci by Massimo Giorgetti.

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Though we're in love with the prints and cute dresses, not too sure about the funky tropical umbrella hats that have a sort of odd Raggedy Anne vibe to them. You decide. 

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