Sustainable Fashion Needs to Become More Sexy

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The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s largest event on sustainability in fashion. The summit took place in May 12. This year it was the fourth summit and its team was “responsible innovation.”

Thousands of experts gathered at Copenhagen to discuss innovation that can push one of the most resource-intensive industries towards a more sustainable economy.

But it’s not only the question how big companies can become more sustainable. It is also the question whether consumers are ready for that change. Specialists have different opinions on this. Ivy Evangeline, for example, states that according to research 74% of British consumers are ready to pay extra 5% if they know that workers are provided with decent working conditions and the production itself was organized in accordance with modern ecological standards. She thinks that ethical lifestyle is very attractive nowadays as conscious consumers are seen as new rebels.

On the other hand, fashion director on The New York Times Vanessa Friedman believes that consumers are not ready for this move. According to her 50Responsible fashion - an important topic

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