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Teresa May became the first woman to lead Britain since Margaret Thatcher. And it is not the political ambition Teresa May is already judged for; it is her choice in fashion. In particular, shoes collection.

At the same day as David Cameron announced that May would be the next Prime Minister, UK newspaper The Sun ran a sexist front page focusing on her leopard-print kitten heels. 

Approximately the same image was used by Time to illustrate Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations in 2014.

But it’s not sexism in politics we want to talk about today. We’d like to show you Teresa’s shoes collection.

Even though May has become a leader of the Conservative party, her shoes choice is far from being conservative. Her leopard heels first caught attention of the press at the 2002 Tory conference. It is hard to say that her footwear choice is significant, but it was an early sign that May “was a woman approaching political office on her own terms” (Bethan Holt for The Telegraph).  

The aftermath of the Brexit at Downing Street

When it was confirmed that May would be one of the final two candidates in the Conservative leadership election

On Day One at Downing Street

According to one of May’s friends: “She doesn’t mind wearing something people wouldn’t expect her to wear. It’s not an attention-seeking thing, it’s defiant: ‘I know I have a brain and I’m serious so I can wear pretty shoes’.” 

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