Urban fashion on global streets reveals a fresh diversity

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Style means more than just following trends. A photographer documents urban style innovators the world over in the wake of the threatening homogenization of fashion. 

The street is the theater of life,” says photographer Daniele Tamagni, and admits it’s in the streets of the global south that you can discover fashion’s most vibrant subcultures.

The internet and social media like Instagram has given rise to a uniform hipster aesthetic which subcultures reject by curating a style mixture of personal & local mosaics. 

Individuality and style exists, even though it's far from any trendy boutiques or runways in Paris, but it has to be sought out.

97In a world where appearance is very important

With art openings and publications that talk about the rise of subculture street style it seems that the fashion tribes are having a moment.  

With Africa's recent creative renaissance outsiders are “rediscovering” Africa.  The continent’s artists and designers are increasingly raising their voices to speak to a global audience on their own terms.

#Photography by Daniele Tamagni. #DanieleTamagni

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 Shantrelle P. Lewis  who's traveling curatorial initiative The Dandy Lion Project, examines Global Black Dandyism through photography and film with the photographer.

This guy! Thinks he's the boss of me. My dear Daniele.

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200A Congolese sapeur is a happy man even if he does not eat

Photography by DANIELE TAMAGNI, from the series 'GENTLEMEN OF BACONGO'. The series "Gentlemen of Bacongo" captures the fascinating subculture of the Congo in which men (and a few women) dress in designer and handmade suits and other luxury items. The movement, called Le Sape, combines French styles from their colonial roots and the individual's (often flamboyant) style. Le Sapeurs, as they're called, wear pink suits and D&G belts while living in the slums of this coastal African region. In interviews with some notable sapeurs, Tamagni unearths the complex and varied rules and standards of Le Sape, short for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, or the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People. Sapeur Michel comments on the strange combination of poverty and fashion, "A Congolese sapeur is a happy man even if he does not eat, because wearing proper clothes feeds the soul and gives pleasure to the body." The sapeurs engage the extremes between classes while injecting their individual perspectives into the conversation, establishing an identity within the larger social narrative they've helped construct. Tamagni's photographs capture the style, contradictions and paradoxes" and tight-knit social networks of the Sapeurs. He highlights the proper use of cigars—"even if you don't smoke you need to light it"—the strict use of color (only three colors may be combined in an outfit), and the deep spiritual and moral roots of Le Sape. "When the sapeur expresses himself through the harmony of his clothes, he is returning his admiration to God." Gentlemen of Bacongo also examines the strange merging of colonial and Congolese culture. #Photography #DanieleTamagni @daniele_tamagni #Africa #Congo #Kinshasa #GentlemenOfBacongo #CongoleseCulture

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