Andy Murray howls 'Invasion of privacy!'

Andy Murray howls 'Invasion of privacy!'

A bit of controversy got stirred up during the China ?? Open final in Beijing over the weekend. The match was between World Number 2, ??Andy Murray and ?? Grigor Dimitrov...and no, the controversy wasn't between these two volatile players like you might think.

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Often during a match you can see a player look at a notebook or flip cards in their hands. When asked about it in interviews, they usually say what they're reading are reminders to themselves about what they should be doing. Okay. Obvious enough. Do we really need to know more? The tennis commentators have usually already mentioned what they player needs to do to win or improve, so what's on their notes isn't our business, right?

But it's human nature--human PAPARAZZI nature--to go a bit farther and peek.

Do it just because you can. So they did.

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