The 'Other' Swiss Maestro

The 'Other' Swiss Maestro

What must it be like to live in the Great One's shadow? Well, the Man Of Many Names, usually takes it with good humor -- and this week, he's taking it with a US Open Championship. 

Stan Wawrinka, aka Stan The Man, and The Stanimal, keeps a low profile...unless he's playing (and beating) World Number One, Novak Djokovic (again), or having mercurial upside-down matches with longtime compatriot 86joke87

Or, the occasional media frenzy moments when his personal life hits the news (his divorce got some long-running play), or some young brash Australian throws some shade across the net during a match about his girlfriend...damn those Australians! They are always getting people in an uproar!

He's often under-estimated, and left out of the top bracket even though he's got the killer one-handed backhand. Although he had far more time on court during this tournament than Novak before their match, he did also have two major slam victories against Novak to his credit before Sunday's. Still, most commentators were giving the match to Djokovic. Hmm, wrong?!

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