Never to Be a Bridesmaid Again

Never to Be a Bridesmaid Again

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Never to Be a Bridesmaid Again

My best friend from secondary school originally told me she wasn’t having bridesmaids for her wedding. Previously I was kind of relieved because we don’t share the same taste and I was really excited to wear what I wanted.

Then she called me and asked me to be in her wedding as a bridesmaid and wear a bridesmaid dress. Her mother handled the dresses and ended up choosing a vibrant guava color dress. I am really pale so this color didn’t suit my skin tone at all.

I decided to make my own dress because none of those strapless dresses suited my body. I made a custom dress with this awful polyester fabric and basically spent double the amount what other bridesmaid spent. At the day of the wedding, it was so hot out there and the fabric felt like it was suffocating me and while walking towards the venue I felt thrice due to that uncomfortable dress. I was extremely embarrassed after tripping in that dress.

My best friend saw me the least confident I’ve ever felt about myself in front of every person we grew up with. My ex-boyfriend, my friends, and my parents' friends. I couldn’t believe that someone who knew me so well will be okay with me feeling so bad about myself. That’s when I started thinking that it’s okay to say no to being a bridesmaid.

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