Are annoying co-workers making you hate your job?

Who is the most annoying person at your job?

Face it. There is someone at your place of employment that you simply cannot stand and they come in all tastes and flavors.

There is the guy who slurps his coffee too loud, the girl in accounting who can't stop gossiping, the know-it-all individual who makes it a habit of interrupting people at every opportunity and the team member who seems to slack off on every assignment, among many others.

The point is that there is bound to be someone at every company who drives someone else crazy.

While these might seem like minor inconveniences to some, they are issues that we would prefer not have to deal with.

Work is work. We’d rather not be there in the first place. The last thing we need is that one person making the experience just a little more cringeworthy.

But there is hope. While you may not be able to avoid them completely, there are ways that you can at least cope with the individual.

For starters, it won’t hurt to find the humor in the situation. Whether you are trying to deal with the guy who always seems to be crabby or the one who loves to ramble on about their personal life, you can make your life easier by trying to find the humor in their actions. As long as this annoying behavior doesn’t evolve into something that affects your work, then maybe you can laugh at their quirks and try to move on.

Next, don’t fight fire with fire. After dealing with an annoying coworker for long enough, you may start to think that the only way you can contend with them is to try and match wits and beat them at their own game.

Try to resist this urge.

So, if you have a person who types too loudly on their keyboard or an individual that plays their music just a little too loud, avoid trying to type or jam out louder than them just to prove a point. It will only make you look bad.

Also, if your coworker is so irritating that you find yourself gnashing your teeth, then it might be a smart idea to take a break. This is a time to take 15 minutes to visit the break room or to take a brisk walk outside.

Switching your environment for a while can give you the breather you need to get the stress out of your system. Doing so can help you to come back relaxed and refreshed, and who knows, that coworker may have calmed down by then.

It’s also important to remember to be discreetly direct. Is that annoying employee driving you up the wall? Then tell them to their face! If it really is too much to handle, then catch them on break or out in the hall and kindly express your concerns.

You may be working with this individual in some capacity for the unforeseeable future, so embarrassing them in front of others may not be a good idea.

However, depending on how sensitive the individual is, even confronting them in this “kind” manner may hurt their feelings.

And, finally, if a coworker is so disruptive that you simply cannot gain focus, you wake up every morning dreading a day of annoyances, and you absolutely cannot get any work done, then your last resort may be to have a chat with Human Resources.

If you are taking this bold of a stance, then you better have your facts straight. Make sure that you have a list of particular incidents, bring up any evidence you may have and be prepared to state how this behavior is affecting your work.

Unfortunately, everyone has their quirks and oddities so dealing with annoying employees is just a fact of life. If you don’t have any annoying coworkers, then consider yourself lucky. Unless, of course, that annoying employee is you.

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