GQ wants The Donald to up his style game asap!

It's no secret that Mr. Trump's style savvy seems stuck somewhere in 1980's middle management world. The bosses at GQ magazine say it's all in the details.

?Those are the problems. Here's how the presidential makeover went down. ?

Ooops, not that one, this one ?

Here's the GQ makeover video in it's entirety: 

Though we don't know if The Donald is currently taking any style suggestions, much less any other advice from anyone (other than his own trusted 'good brain') we feel that he would be a lot easier on the eyes (cough) if he at least took a few notes from the kind folks at Gentlemen's Quarterly.  

Gahhhh! This is the Joey No Socks look, or is it the old Berlusconi slick back?

We thought the modified poof was just as well, but here you go - normalized hair. 

In the end, better style is at least going in the right direction, though we'd still love to mention a few other things... the other 99 problems some of us have with his political style. 

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