NASCAR's All Star Race honors 'One Hot Night'

NASCAR's All Star Race honors 'One Hot Night'

It's been 25 years since the lights went on for the first nighttime NASCAR race on a long track. Yes, races under lights had been done at Bristol, but that was nothing in comparison to Charlotte Motor Speedway.

NASCAR's All Star Race honors 'One Hot Night'NASCAR's All Star Race honors 'One Hot Night'


So about that 1992 race. Everyone was excited, not sure what to expect. Driving is a science, and one of the factors that worried many drivers was how to gauge the temperature of the track for a nighttime race. It made some drivers more cautious than they otherwise would have been.

The most memorable part of the race, and what truly earned the name One Hot Night, was Petty, Allison, and Earnhardt battling it out as they rounded the last lap. A spinout by Petty coming out of turn 3 knocked out Earnhardt, and Allison nosed through for the win before colliding with a wall and getting knocked unconscious. Instead of a ride in victory lane, Allison took a ride in an ambulance. IT WAS A GREAT RACE.

He won the race but he sure paid the price for it.

Going into the All Star Race 2017, it's hard to pick a winner, as all 16 drivers are damn good. Of course, it would be nice to see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. win it given that it's his last race here. We're sad to see him retire.


Ready for the race?

The five most memorable crashes from past All Star Races ?

Good luck drivers! Let's do this!

How about those opening ceremonies? ? #AllStarRace

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