Summer is Closing in, Who's #Bikini #Hot?

Ladies, you're gearing up for #RolandGarros aka the #FrenchOpen, so you're toned to the max. Everyone brings out the hot cha-cha outfits for #Paris, so we expect to be WOWed, you hear?

Daniela #Hantuchova is always bikini-ready, we think!

And soon after, the great you'll have a tan to go with the pristine #tennis whites by then if you don't already. And we expect to have some superb pictures to post by then!! In the meantime, we're showing what you've managed to get up can't hide from the #paparazzi, no matter what #country you're from!

Caroline, in white here, seems to be ready early! Good going C!

Oooh, Serena too! Great minds think alike!

#Caroline #Wozniaki and gal-pal #Serena #Williams hang together quite a bit, so we can be sure they did recently too.

Maria #Kirilenko, recently married (sorry folks!), is probably ON the beach right now!

Anna #Kournikova has modeled for a long time during and after her #tennis career. But she'll always be a hot #tennis babe.

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