Vegas nights turn to weeks in rehab

Vegas nights turn to weeks in rehab

What's more, the young player seemed to be absent from Cleveland more often than not, spending a questionable amount of time in LasVegas for a first year player who skipped his final 2 years in college football. In the 11 weeks following his draft in 2014 the 22 year old made 8 trips to Vegas, quite audacious for an unproven NFl prospect.

By January 2015, while some teams were prepping for SuperBowl appearances, Manziel was checking himself into rehab. He stayed for roughly 10 weeks at the rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania, and for a short time afterwards seemed to have his life back in order. That is at least until mid-October when the police were called on Manziel as he and his girlfriend Colleen got into an argument in public. It was alleged by witnesses that Manziel had beaten her, but after the cops arrived they let them both go, and Johnny took to Twitter to clear his name.

Totally not a defensive tone there at all...

The downward spiral has just begun, as Manziel started in just 6 games for the Browns in the 2015/2016 NFL season, and during their bye week on Nov. 7th the young QB was photographed with a bottle of champagne while out partying. His head coach and the GM of the Browns had finally had enough, and Manziel was dropped from his role as starting QB and named the teams third string QB.

Manziel takes his anger out on a tablet after throwing a horrific interception against the 49ers

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