Yay or Nay: Would You Wear These Wacky Mens Trends From the Runways?

Man crop tops and '90s neon and pyjamas worn with sneakers. The men's fall / winter 2017 runways say these things are cool. But would you wear them?

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Puffer pants

There's the puffer jacket trend for men, and then there's taking it a step further into the realm of puffer pants. But is it one step too far? Let's answer that with another question: Are you about to go skiing?

Puffer pants at Christopher Shannon and Facetasm.

Puffer pants at Facetasm and Topman.

Double denim


Double denim at A.P.C and Topman.

Double denim at Christopher Shannon.

Crop tops

When you've spent hours at the gym working the reverse bench crunches until your abs would make Ryan Gosling cry, but the excuses to get shirtless in everyday situations just aren't forthcoming: It's time for a man crop top. 

Crop tops at Comme des Garçons Homme Plus and Bobby Ably. 

Crop tops at Xander Zhou and Ann Demeulemeester.

Neon colors

The '90s called and they want their multi-colored fluoro parachute jacket back. They can see you wearing it from three decades away. 

Neons at Topman.

Neons at Christopher Shannon and Christopher Raeburn.

Ugly oversized sweaters

If you're not Miuccia Prada then deliberately subverting standards of beauty and hoping your creation will be cool is probably not going to work. Making things beautifully ugly is an art. Making things downright ugly is apparently not that difficult. Which category do these sweaters fall under? You decide. 

Oversized sweaters at Topman and Facetasm. 

Oversized sweaters at J.W. Anderson and Sibling.


Because getting dressed in the morning really is a drag. 

Pyjamas at Katie Eary and MAN.

Pyjamas at Dolce & Gabbana.

So guys, would you wear these trends? And girls, would you like to see more guys wearing them? Do leave your comments below. 

Images via Vogue.com.

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