3 Great Shows To Keep You Warm This Winter

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First and foremost, I would like to state, for the record, that men are not objects. A lot of my best friends are men. I value their (often somewhat solipsistic) judgement. I have a wonderful father whose intelligence and integrity I admire. I work with men whom I respect for their thoughts and character. I have an incredible fiancé who I consider to be an equal partner. That being said, I’m not marrying him just for the discourse. I could bounce a quarter off that toosh. Guys, although often legitimate humans adding to society with their words and actions, are sometimes just wonderful to look at without all their clothes on.

Here are three great shows that celebrate form and structure (of the plot, too).

Poldark: After I plowed through “Downton Abbey,” Amazon suggested I take a gander at this PBS Masterpiece Theater series. And may I say, it is a masterpiece INDEED.

The story follows Poldark, that’s Captain Ross Poldark, as he returns to Cornwall after the American War for Independence. (I do love PBS. I always feel like I’m learning something, perhaps even becoming a better, more intelligent person while watching.) Poldark comes home to find his father deceased, his family’s copper mine and home in shambles AND his beloved set to marry his cousin. (How much can one man take I ask you?!)

Poldark is played by Aidan Turner (who you may remember from Peter Jackson’s version of “The Hobbit,” where he played Kili the dwarf, who had an emotional affair with an elf). Turner has left Middle Earth, trading in his leather and fur coat for far more form-fitting attire, and we are ever so grateful.

61 is a wonderful series. It’s a great story with terrific performances; a very well-crafted period piece. That being said

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