So you think you like the sensation of pain

But you are still not sure where exactly, how much, or how long. Besides, you need a partner who you can trust. Or maybe you want to practice first.

What you will need for the clothespin game:

    - A jar-ful of clothespins (20-30 of them)

    - A sharpie or pen

Before you start, label as many clothespins as you can with body parts or areas that you can think of: nipple, breast, inner arm, clit, thigh, knee, ankle, and so on. Be as specific as possible.

This is a time for exploration, so every body part should get a fair shake, even if it's a spot that does not appear immediately sexy (ears? behind your knees?). Be creative, and be comprehensive.

As for the execution, there are several ways.

If both of you are in the mood for exploration, you might choose to take turns drawing a clothespin (one for you, one for me). 

Or, you might choose to lie on your back and have your partner administer the drawing and pinning.

Start with five. Have no more than five pins on you at any given time. Remove one to add one. Then you can up the number to ten, fifteen, and so on. 

More pins on area that bring more pleasure. Take pins off places that don't feel good. Be in charge and communicate.

Wind down with a massage.

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