Don’t you dare fall for these awkward and cheesy pickup lines

Make no mistake, pickup lines are always cheesy. The whole problem with these lines is that they serve as 'tricks' to make you like people. Instead of really trying to get to know you, the guy is trying to sleaze his way to your heart. It's messed up and you know it. So, if you hear any of the following lines in the near future, like I have from plenty of idiots, don't you dare fall for them.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

This line is so old that we've all heard it about a million times now. What's more, it's not even a funny or remotely clever line. If someone says it to you, just give them a ‘hell no’ look. You will be doing yourself the biggest favor ever.

You're so pretty for a curvy girl

Okay, this is a ridiculous ‘neg.’ That means that it's a negative compliment. Guys use it to do two things. First of all, it makes you feel insecure. The 'curvy' part of this is actually an insult in disguise. It also compliments you at the same time... So the 'pretty' part is genuinely a nice thing, but it has a sting in it.

Is your daddy a baker? You've got nice buns!

Eek! Again, this is one of the oldest insults in the book. What's more, it focuses on objectifying you in a way. The 'nice buns' part of it is actually very misogynistic so don't let it fool you.

I've lost my number! Can I have yours?

Even if this makes you laugh, you shouldn't fall for it. It's a seriously old line and it's not all that original. If someone says it to you, it shows that they have a lack of imagination.

I make more money than you can spend

Only a guy who wants to buy you would say this kind of thing to you. It's not particularly clever or nice. It means that they think you're shallow and stupid. Show them that you're neither of those things and walk away.

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