Mad Max

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#TomHardy as #MadMax is every #feminist woman's fantasy. 

The evolution of the #MadMax movie dynasty, and the character, show in the actor currently chosen to portray him. 

The #dynasty was founded on #MelGibson, and both were unprepared for the original Mad Max to become a dynasty.

57big58So long, Mel Gibson, we don't miss you, and in fact, we can barely remember you.

This is one reason why:

Every answer to every  stupid question he's been asked, before, during and after making #MadMaxFuryRoad has been spot on -- Why? What? Are you F-ing kidding me? Yes, a lot of those...

Listen to Tom answer  questions about preparing for the role of Max.


Is he BoomerangBoy? We wondered the same thing when we watched it the first time, and the second...and the third.

Great evidence in this video for it to be truly the Feral Kid all grown up, but someone's gotta bust those dreams with some level-headedness.

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