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Kate Moss said that. But it was her association with heroin chic & partying life style that eventually lost her big modeling contracts and resulted in scandal. The fall from grace that so many predicted over the years never happened. What keeps us infatuated with Kate?

We have been looking at her face for nearly 25 years now. It's as arresting as ever and still worth millions – in 2011 she was the third highest paid model in the world – but what she thinks and feels is closely guarded.

She is reportedly funny, friendly and extremely sharp and self-aware but says of herself that she is a mess (a hot mess no doubt) and that she has spent years, many more that she cares to admit bawling her eyes out because of one thing or another, including Johnny Depp and straddling a buff Mark Wahlberg in a photo shoot for Vogue when she was in her teens.  

Kate is the world's most prolific Vogue cover girl. Thirty covers for British Vogue, 16 for Paris and 5 in the USA. Hot.  

 She can be a chameleon or a sex bomb—so many different things. It can't be emphasized enough what a truly great model she is. A Sphinx like quality everyone says. 

But there was always trouble in paradise. Kate threw herself into partying with her movie-star and rock-star friends. The tabloids called the clique “the Primrose Hill set,” after the posh neighborhood they shared. She was reeling after her split with Johnny.

 How to survive in the biz: “She’s been smart in not boringly explaining herself for things not connected with her work. Very few do that. She carries some of the mystery in her face. The super-painful stuff has never been explained. There’s something quite aristocratic about her—every single public, weird story she went through, she never explained, she never complained. She’s a huge example of freedom.”

The pattern for Moss, when she takes public hits, is that after some bruising rounds she emerges stronger, more popular, more employable, and with more money. That might be what the allure is after all. She's a survivor. 

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