Rihanna Is The Queen With Many Faces

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A lot of #celebs change their #style-- but no one quite as much as #Rihanna. With stars like Taylor Swift and Beyonce, you always know what to expect. But with Rih? She's a wild card.


These are some of the most recent versions of Rih Rih. But your guess of what she'll do next is as good as ours. 

Rihanna #1: Cool and Casual

This version of Rihanna isn't trying to impress the paparazzi. She looks like she could be at home, drinking a beer while watching reality TV. Yet there she is, somehow starring in a music video.

Image via Fashion Police

Thanks for reppin' millennials, Rih.

Rihanna #2: Selling Out Stadiums, Giving No Fucks


Rihanna's subverting her audience's expectations, and opening with a song that is decidedly not upbeat. Bold move, Rih. Just like you.

Rihanna #3: The Fashion Icon

Despite her fondness for sweats, #Rihanna also tends to step out in some pretty snazzy outfits. In fact, she's won the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award.

142the solar system revolved around her glow.143

Later, the star went on to collaborate with #Dior on a line of sunglasses, and work with Manolo Blahnik to create denim boots. No big deal.

Shine bright like a diamond.

Rihanna #4: The Hot Mess

If you listen to Rihanna's lyrics, it's clear that she's proud of the fact that she's not perfect. In fact, she can be a hot. Mess. And by #hot, we mean she's hot boxing the room.

Seriously. Paper Mag has an entire article devoted to Rih Rih's #Instagram posts about #weed:

She x @charliebymz

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

We're not here to judge. Rih Rih deserves to relax after totally changing the pop star game.

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