Splash! remake promises merman sex fantasies

 Channing Tatum, Hollywood’s undisputed king of sexy abs will play the merman in a new gender-flipped remake of the movie Splash. Tatum will make the perfect and obviously naked Merman flipping his fins and learning to, er - walk - upright with the ladies. 

The original film follows a young man who reunites with a mermaid who saved him from drowning as a boy. He falls in love with her, not knowing who/what she is. In this version, Tatum will actually play the mermaid who saves the girl only to reunite with her years later.

What will most of the movie - hopefully - look like? Check it out....

Also, just in case you missed it - Channing with his shirt off...dancing - with legs instead of a tail. Let's see how he does that in the upcoming mermaid movie. 

For the erotic dreamers out there, apparently Mermen can totally have sex - their members clevery hidden until the time is ripe. 

Let's just imagine what that would look like with this guy.

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