Taylor Fritz

Still a teenager, Taylor Fritz is showing that he's got the skills to stand and slide on the grandest stage of them all--the tennis court--with the professionals. His family has been involved in tennis in one way or another for decades, so it's no surprise that he's sponsored up already. He's currently wearing FILA, swinging Head and bouncing off the occasional Solinco strings. Luckily this kid has game. Lots of it. 

He recently had a run in Stuttgart, Germany, until he came up against World Number Three, Roger Federer.

And as he stepped on the World's Largest Grass Court Stage, #Wimbledon, he got buzzed by #StanTheMan #Wawrinka.  It wasn't a bad match.  He had some opportunities, but inexperience on his part, and experience on Stan's part dictated the winner of the day.

But he'll be back again.  He did well as a junior and now on the regular tour, he's had a taste. He'll want another.

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