The 6 Sexiest Villains on TV

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In TV land, they’re the ultimate bad boys. They’re gorgeous. They’re loaded (usually). They dress well or are enticingly shabby. They have the best lines, the best entrances and the best exits. They’re pure evil. They’re the sexiest villains on TV.

We find ourselves squirming when we watch them. Half in fear and loathing, and half in lust. They’re all psychopaths. Or is it sociopaths? We’re embarrassed to admit that we’re lusting after men who might want to wear us as a hat.

Here are the six sexiest villains on TV.

1. Lucifer – Lucifer 

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First prize goes to Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Those cheekbones. Those insanely long lashes. Oh, the way he moves! Lucifer likes to call himself a “Punisher,” and remind us that he “only gives people what they want.” He’ll uncover your deepest desires, and hang you by them. He’s the great big bad. He’s the one we’re threatened with if we misbehave. But that butt! Is Lucifer really evil personified, or is he just a union organizer whose upper management didn’t like what he was doing, and then called in scabs to break up a strike?

2. Andre Lyon – Empire 

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When we first meet this Wharton School grad, we’re filled with empathy for his plight. He’s surrounded by a talented family, yet he can’t sing. Who knew that Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) was hiding secrets under those tastefully tailored shirts. We might be mesmerized by his guns, his whittled waist and sexy eyes, but he’s plotting to not only wrest control of Empire from his father, he’s gleefully plotting to put Lucious Lyon away in jail for years. Oh, and let’s not forget the twisted sex games the he and his late wife Rhonda used to like to play with other couples.

3. Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones 

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Those twinkly blue eyes and slight sexy smile were icing on a manly looking cake. Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) has strange hobbies. He adores hunting down humans, flaying them, castrating them, torture (no, not the 50 Shades type) is what makes him happy. I mean, he gave Robb Stark a piece of Theon’s skin. Raise your hand if you cried when he died.

4. Kilgrave – Jessica Jones  

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The British accent and the scruff may have made many swoon; Kilgrave AKA The Purple Man (David Tennant) is the epitome of stalkerdom. He’ll practice his mind control on anyone to create the perfect trap to lure Jessica Jones back under his control. You watch him with a heart that’s racing with fear, dread, and lust. You may have admired the single-minded (sorry for the pun) way he pursued his heart’s desire, at the same time relieved that he wasn’t (a) real and (b) after you.

5. The Walking Dead – Negan

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Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) burst into the newest season of The Walking Dead in a big way. Wielding Lucille, his barb-wire wrapped baseball bat and leading The Saviours, Negan knocked off Abraham and Glenn. He created mayhem everywhere he went, like a good sociopath should. Yet, the way he fills out a leather jacket and that grin makes you forget, for a little while at least, how brutal and cruel he really, really, really is.

6. Lucious Lyon – Empire

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For those that like a suave, older man, behold Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard ). Sexy, smart, and sophisticated, this uber successful mad men goes for what he wants. Whether it’s bedding his son’s baby mama while pursuing his wife, to coldly murdering anyone who gets in his way, Lucious shows that crime (and brains) does pay.

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