Tinder and pizza: How to dupe guys for free food

Everyone has a different excuse for creating their Tinder account.

“It was just a joke!”

“I wanted to see if my ex was on it!”

And the fan favorite, “my friend made it for me!”

My excuse, however, was pizza. Yes, I created a Tinder profile to try to get boys to send me pizza.

Unethical and unfair? Perhaps. But the challenge is fun and the result is oh so sweet (or should I say cheesy?). Let’s dissect this pizza pursuing process, shall we?

First off, set yourself up for success. As always, choose the most flattering pics of yourself. Tip: pictures with animals are great conversation starters for guys and seem to do the trick. Create a bio that is sweet and innocent—don’t let them know the truth of your pizza-seeking tactics.

Next, it’s all about matching with your man. Who you match with is a crucial. I find those most likely to be willing to send pizza are not the guys closest to you in age. Younger boys and older men—sorry to say it, guys, but you’re usually the group that are most stoked to get a response on Tinder. Therefore, they’re ready to do what it takes to keep the convo continuing. In this case, it’s Dominos.

Now, engage in conversation. This means you need to respond! When a guy messages you, get to work and reel him in. The other option is to start a conversation. If you see a promising-looking face, go for gold. Message him first. Why not? He’ll be flattered in the least, and you matched for a reason, so go ahead, get that chat on, girl.

This part is important: Keep calm and be kind. It’s all about the attitude. Put yourself in the guy’s position, what kind of girl would you want to send pizza to? That’s right, a nice girl. So don’t get cocky, and don’t get cruel. Stay grounded and keep the end goal in mind—this is dinner we’re talking about, ladies.

He may be confused why you matched—that happens. Play it cool. “Really? You’re surprised me matched? But you’re so cute, *insert name*” (It doesn’t necessarily have to go that way, but you catch my drift.)

Next it’s all about planting the seed. When he asks what’s up, you tell that boy what is up. Your hunger level, that’s what! But again, be casual about it. We don’t want him catching on to our game.

In passing, mention you’re hungry, you didn’t have dinner, there are no groceries in the house. Creativity is key. Then, let him know your deepest desires. Pizza, duh. Why, what were you thinking? Somehow, work pizza into the conversation. That, paired with your known hunger should give him the hint.

Our final step—an obvious one—is to lock it down. If he’s not offering pizza, be direct. At this point, what do you have to lose? Hopefully the instructions above will set you up for success and pizza is on its way, but if not, be bold!

Following the steps above, my personal Tinder pizza stories have been quite a success. Always with my trusted Tinder accomplice and roommate at the time, Jenn, we were able to score some free ‘za twice through Tinder before deciding to ditch the carbs and internet dating and delete our accounts.

The idea to pursue pizza through Tinder was born one quiet Wednesday night in our college town. With a bottle of wine downed, and a season of “Desperate Housewives” on Hulu nearing its end, we decided to explore our flirty (yet hungry) side and take to Tinder. Within an hour of creating our accounts and chatting up some matches, we were able to secure a large cheese pizza (not counting delivery time, of course).

Our second Tinder pizza success was a little more complicated. Back in our home town for winter break, we were feeling especially bored and in need of some cheesy goodness to liven up our night. While our first Tinder pizza victim was a young college freshman, we opted for the opposite side of the age spectrum. Here, we went for older men and were able to score a size smaller, but nevertheless satisfying, medium Dominos pizza that night.

In the end, what I believe led to our success (besides our cravings for carbs) was our friendly approach towards every convo and the team effort that was involved. 

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