Tinder's not 100% stalkers, there are clowns too

From crazy profile pics and info to messages that just have to be a joke (right???), Tinder is certainly...generous. ?

Thankfully, it's not all DTF and stalkers all the time. Sometimes it's just the kind of comedy gold that makes your social media posting schedule so much easier. 

Also: It's not always just dudes, either (although okay, maybe MOST of the time it is). You may not get the dates you want out of that app, but at least the hashtags let you know you're not alone.

#creepycute or #cutecreepy? ?

Pick up line of the year ? #tindernightmares

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How about NO

?? . . . . . #funnyshit #funny #tinderfail #fail #tindernightmares #tinder

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104...at last!105

So accurate, it hurts ? Not featured: baby that ISN'T HIS! #tinder #tindernightmares #onlinedating #dating

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I'd say they're pretty bad, Nate.

Don't assume that actual dogs on Tinder have it any better. *insert MilkBone joke here*

A writer named Joe Veix signed up for Tinder as a dog and documented his experiences in detail (with receipts) here. He even tried signing up as both male and female dogs, and the split in responses is pretty interesting:

Further proof that whether you're straight, gay, or a dog, Tinder is clearly not meant for anyone. ?


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