Top 10 hottest & loosest bars in Los Angeles

Top 10 hottest & loosest bars in Los Angeles

Quantifying the best of anything is quite an endeavor. Whether it be dive bars or gay bars or strip clubs, the best places for you will, quite naturally, depend on your taste.

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I'm not making any guarantees with this list, either...I'm simply guiding you in the right direction, that will greatly increase your odds of getting Laid. 

Some guys like earthy natural beauties, some like tattooed punkettes, some dig curvy Latinas, while many are into lanky blondes. 55blessed56hot57

The following bars always seem to have a wide array of loose, L.A. women, that men like to look at. So chances are, going to one of these spots, you'll find something tasty to nibble on, that is just the right flavor for your palette. 

Note: Once again, no guarantees, gents. Please refrain from the anonymous hater comments, unless you're an ugly, lonely loser who knows you could never, EVER get any of these babes in real life, even with lame lines and tons of liquor. 

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