? Guide to a great Storia post

We're working with a fab set of writer-producers behind the scenes here at Topaz! Together, we're pioneering the next fun thing we can do on Storia. Do you want to see a few things we find make the best posts?

1)  Title the post like you're writing a magazine headline.

2)  Start with a sentence or two. Make the first 10 words amazing! You can do it, turns out you care about what you're posting. ?

3)  Then give us an image.

4)  Posting a video? Super Storia maniacs take screen grabs while the video plays and then add them to the post as photos. It lays out better, and gives us a peek into the video.

5)  Bold some words from the text, the big take away!

6)  Tag your best topics and use strong keywords like names and places, big concepts, trending topics. 

If you haven't already:

Have fun with the story title, use keywords in the story description. Use a clear, bright image for the story cover. Write a descriptive bio on your profile -- we just viewed your post, now we want to know you!


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