5 Apprising Ways To Empower Women

5 Apprising Ways To Empower Women

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5 Apprising Ways To Empower Women

Women empowerment is not about giving her all the riches of the world, it rather means taking small and meaningful steps to bring about a positive and benevolent change in their lives. So, to recognize the power of women on this upcoming International Women’s Day, we offer a few simple ways that you can exercise to empower women worldwide.

Ensure women’s safety

The first thing to start with is ensure the safety of women. It’s an open fact that women don’t feel safe while walking on the streets alone. They fight an unspoken war everyday they walk out of their house either for work or to attain education - some are molested, some assaulted and some even violated. The only panacea to this atrocity is for the government to pass some strict laws that facilitates the safety and security of women.


Education for women is important and is the talk of the hour. Every girls needs to be educated, whether it is the tearaway girl who begs for alms on the signal or it is the ragpicker who homes under the bridge, they all have the right to be a civilised citizen of the country. We, as a responsible citizen, should intonate, “Teach one, Teach all”, for the sake of a brighter future for all. 


Safety is not just about battling the culprits who are physically jeopardise our space but also about creating a protected, survivable surroundings for women near us. We should maintain a sheltered and holistic environment by registering regular health check-ups.

Save Girl Child

We have been advocating the cause of women empowerment but how is it even possible if there will be no women? There are still many untouched parts of India where the issue of female foeticide is prominent, we need to curb this problem to terminate a horrific end.

Give her Freedom

Once the government take some forbidding action against the male excrescence, we should give our women freedom that is rightfully theirs. Unshackle them from the chains of patriarchy and allow them the freedom they deserve.

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