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"The only way I know how to raise them is to really listen," the actress says 👨‍👦

Angelina Jolie opens up about motherhood and her 'resilient' children

Angelina Jolie attended the Toronto International Film Festival, but she was not alone. In celebration of the ‘The Breadwinner’, a movie that Jolie helped produce, and ‘First They Killed My Father’, a movie she directed, Angelina Jolie was joined by her six children.

You can watch the trailer for ‘The Breadwinner’ below.

Police say this wife beater needed his parents to come help 'discipline' his wife 👨‍👦

Woman's in-laws fly from India to Florida to assault her in horrifying ways

In shocking news, Florida police have revealed that they were recently called out to help a woman who was being held against her will by her husband and in-laws. The latter had traveled all the way from India to help him carry out the assault.

Silky Gaind was being held in the home she shared with her husband for being ‘disobedient’. Her husband, Devbir Kalsi had enlisted the help of his parents to “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient”. Luckily, Gaind was eventually able to cal…

A husband & wife diet together 👨‍👦

How It’s Going: It’s Time to Meal Plan for Two

This photo was taken a little over a month ago, on Christmas Eve, and while we look adorable and happy in our coordinating plaid, this isn’t exactly a picture of a family in perfect health.

It’s not a stretch, or even an insult, to say that my husband, Kyle, and I could both stand to lose a few (or more than a few) pounds. And while I’ve been working on it, as part of my goal to lose 25 pounds by my 35th birthday in May, he’s been enjoying his beer and Ben & Jerry’s. (Save for earlier this month,…

18 years of marriage & the Beckhams must dodge rumors regarding infidelity & divorce 👨‍👦

Are Victoria and David Beckham headed for divorce? Maybe they're just cranky!

People frequently speculate about their favorite celebrity couples. If they're photographed getting cozy under the starlight, fans fawn over their perfect love. If they're spotted walking the city streets with stern looks on their faces, tabloids use these images as fodder for their next cover story.

"LOVE IS DEAD! Buy this magazine to read an exposé that may or may not be creative fiction on our end."

It's quite the vicious cycle, but gullible audiences continue to eat it up, even when the head…

His mother attacked his father with a hatchet 20 years before he killed his own family 👨‍👦

New details surface about NY exec who killed family in double-murder suicide

A New York real estate manager Steven Dym fatally shot his wife, teenage daughter and then himself at their Westchester mansion in a murder-suicide this past week, N.Y. state police said.

The bodies of Steven Dym, 56, Loretta, 50, and Caroline, 18, were found by their cleaning lady on the second floor of their $1.7 million Fox Hill Road home in the affluent leafy Pound Ridge area, about 50 miles from Manhattan. According to the town’s police chief, David Ryan, it’s the only murder that he has se…

In this Peruvian district, husbands are cheering their wives on the futball field 👨‍👦

The Andes

Deep in Peru’s Sacred Valley, #Ollantaytambo is a village between Cusco and the country’s main tourist attraction, #Machu #Picchu. It’s also the location of its own Incan ruins and a common departure point for hikers tackling the #Inca Trail, so it receives its share of tourists. The town dates back to the 15th century and many of its cultural traditions remain intact. Modern conveniences have crept in - there’s an ATM on the main square - yet it’s not unusual to see people in the brightly-colou…