5 Things This Food Writer DOES Want for Christmas

It wouldn’t be very helpful to share what I don’t want for Christmas without sharing what I do want, now would it?

1. Flat Sauté Set
There are very few kitchen utensils I want and don’t have, but I’m drooling over this flat sauté set from Earlywood Designs. These wood multi-use utensils can be used for cooking, serving, measuring and more. Plus, they’re just plain gorgeous and take up very little space in a drawer. https://www.earlywooddesigns.com/products/flat-saute-set

2. $1 Taco T-shirt
I live for Taco Tuesday. My life revolves around it. Give me a gift I will wear at least once a week. Actually, get me two, because you know I’m going to stain one when I spill that amazing al pastor filling all over myself. http://publicmarketgoods.com/products/1-taco-stand-t-shirt

3. Good Kitchen Scissors
For some reason, I can’t bring myself to spend money on good kitchen scissors — the kind I could use to break down a whole chicken if necessary. Plus, it’s okay if I have more than one pair of kitchen scissors hanging around. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P6J40GA

4. Good Whiskey or Gin
Yes, I get free samples of booze all year long. But it’s not very exciting when it’s cake-flavored vodka or maple-flavored whiskey. But I can always use a rare or just really good bottle of booze. http://www.bookersbourbon.com/

5. Gift Cards for Takeout
You think I’m cooking organic food at home every night? I’m flattered! But I live for good takeout, and that shit can get expensive. Don’t know my favorite place? No worries, GrubHub is offering gift cards this year. https://www.grubhub.com/giftcards/

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