Pharah- The Rocket Spammer


Pharah is one of those really annoying characters that when none of your teammates counter her the game is an automatic loss.

Special Abilities: Pharah is basically Iron Man with a giant rocket launcher blasting everyone from above. 

She has a boost that allows her to go airborne and stay there for a short amount of time. She is also equipped with a missile- like projectile that allows her to blast anyone away from her.

How I play:  When I play Pharah I try to stay in the air as much as possible while staying in cover. For example, when I'm in the air I'll try to hide behind a building. Making my presence known to the enemy when I'm in the air scares them because if you leave Pharah alone she could kill your whole team with her ultimate ability which is a barrage of rockets! When an enemy gets close or is targeting me I use the projectile to blast me away from their sight. Also if you have a friendly mercy use her for better damage output and even healing you from battle.  

Pharah- The Rocket Spammer
Pharah- The Rocket Spammer

Good example of how to use Pharah