5 Miracle Effects Of Hugging On Humans

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5 Miracle Effects Of Hugging On Humans

Negative things won't save us. Kindness and beauty will save us. For instance hugging. Why hugging? Because life can change with a hug. Here are some benefits of hugging.

Your Body Excretes Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a kind of hormone that strengthens your bonds and makes you feel great. When we hug our body starts to secrete oxytocin hormone. When the hormone is secreted, we feel happy and feel good. And we start to connect to the other person. In addition, the secreted oxytocin hormone activates the immune system. The growing immune system fights more strongly with infections.

Reduces Pain

Hugging directly reduces pain. The immune system, which is enhanced by the oxytocin hormone, raises the pain threshold. You can understand that from there. When one of our relatives is in pain, we rub it with our hands. Hugging is kind of like this movement.

Balance the blood pressure

Blood pressure in the body is improved by hugging. The nerves are moving and sending signals to the brain to lower blood pressure. This causes the body to remain calm.

Reduces Stress

The benefits of oxytocin do not stop there. When oxytocin secreted in the body makes people think positive. Positive mind structure does not leave the work of stress and anxiety.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Oxytocin reduces stress, reduces pain, strengthens ties; The benefits do not end with these. Yes, you didn't read it wrong! This hormone secreted by the body after hugging, has been proven as a result of research that reduces the risk of developing heart disease. According to a study conducted in the American Psychosomatic Association in 2009, blood pressure was normalized and heart rate slowed down for 20 seconds.

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