Everyone Should Have A To Do List

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Everyone Should Have A To Do List

   Life is short, we should live our lives. It is not bad sometimes to lose control and just have fun. Not having your job your school or your responsibilities in your mind. We should always do everything that we love. Not just dreaming and wishing about it but also starting to take some actions. Well i have an idea we should all make a to do list, i think everyone should have one. My list happened to be a little bit long but i would love to share some of them with you... are you ready? Here we go...

1) Watching Jaws In The Water On Top Of A Life Buoy

  Well what can i say i was always a fan of Jaws. I mean come on it is a LEGEND. So i would love to make it even more LEGEND.

2) To Fly With A Hot Air Balloon

    I have to confess something i am little bit afraid of heights. So i thought i don't want to die without getting over my fear, and then i decided that the best way to get rid of it is to fly with a hot air balloon. It looks scary i now but it could be fun... i guess. But we can all agree at one point that for this view it is all worth it.

3) Visit Iceland Blue Lagoon in Winter

    I have no words and no comments for this place. It is like a piece of heaven i will definitely take this one out of my list as soon as i can. This place is beautiful.

Well this is only the 3 of them. Do whatever you want but never stop trying fulfilling your happiness your dreams and your needs of motivation. We should all create time for ourselves and never stop chasing our dreams.

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