Facts About The CEO Of The Amazon Jeff Bezos

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Facts About The CEO Of The Amazon Jeff Bezos

There are a lot of rich people in the world. Some of us admire them some of us holds a grudge. They are not all bad or did something horrible. They are a lot of successful people among them. Which accomplished something that no one did, they made a successful and good business. For instance Jeff Bezos he is one of the richest human alive and for me he is one of the most successful business men alive. But he did try hard i mean really hard. 

 First Jeff entered the Princeton University and studied computer sciences. In 1994, Jeff read the news that the internet was growing and decided to make use of it. And right now total profit of his company is worth $ 457 billion. 

After 1 week of his constitute Amazon sold books to 50 states and 45 different countries. First day of Amazon was inside of Jeff's garage and he held his meetings in a book shop in his neighborhood called Barnes Noble. In the beginning, in every order there was a bell ringing in the computer and Jeff also workers used to gather around the computer to see the order.

The companies value  is continuously growing and now they sell every product that you can imagine and not only books.

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