Here Is The Coldest Village In The World 

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Here Is The Coldest Village In The World 

Thermometers in the village of Oymyakon, located in the borders of Siberia, are broken from the cold. Measured air temperature minus 62 degrees. 

Oymyakon, known as the coldest place in the world in Siberia, reiterated its record with -62 degrees. In Oymyakon, during the winter months, the air temperature varies between minus 52 and minus 60 degrees. People say goodbye to electronic devices and cars in winter. Because it is impossible to drive in these conditions. 

Oymyakon peasants foods horse and cattle meat. They try to keep them selves warm with wood. They are eagerly awaiting the month of July because the temperature drops to -15 in these months.

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