How Do We Use The Social Media?

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How Do We Use The Social Media?

        First, we should all agree at one point that we all are social media maniacs. It has become a very important part in our lives, but I can already hear some of you disagree with my opinion, okay maybe not all of us but us much as I can see probably %90 of the world’s population is an active social media user.

But why do we love it so much? I think everyone knows the answer to that question deep down inside but I think we are a little bit afraid to confront with our selves am I right? 

When Twitter was released people found a way to express their feelings freely in a platform that could also allowed them to communicate with other users. They could also get instant feedback's and even discussing a topic with their own followers and maybe even with the users around the globe. In the other hand they have created a public sphere. Everything is a lot better at the beginning, and it get worse day by day. In my opinion that’s what happened to twitter. In the beginning it was a platform that people expressed their feelings freely and even sometimes they created the order of the day. In my opinion now it’s just a platform full of people with lack of respect. Here, we can see very easy that even if something is doing perfect we humans are always there to destroy it. Twitter is actually a perfect source of information, we can use it to get information, transmit and share with other users around the globe. But of course we choose to curse to each other and create and share fake news. I think we think it’s more fun that way.

Instagram, is a platform that gives us a chance to explore people, places…or is it? I have a better question “How do we use it” I think we are just creating an illusion of ourselves. Instagram makes us to create a profile, with this profile we are able to post there whatever we want, our hobbies, news, nice and good pictures, Art but instead of these we choose to create a profile and act or be like someone that we are not, sharing pictures of our foods, ourselves looking always good and sharp. We are discussing who got more likes than the other. No wonder why the narcissism is one of the top disorders in the world. This is our doing, we have done it.

These are some issues that I wanted to put a finger on it. But whatever this my own opinion, everyone is free to use it however they want. At least it is good to have an awareness, don’t you think.

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