If You Have These Signs You Might Be A Genius 

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If You Have These Signs You Might Be A Genius 

     Some scientists discuss the importance of IQ or EQ (Emotional Intelligence). While these discussions continued, other researchers did a more thorough research to understand how some factors, including appearance and behavior, could affect a person's abilities. And unexpected results appeared.

       One point that can prove that you are a genius is silence. According to some research people who loves silence and choose to be alone at some point rather than being with a crowded and louder place tend to be more smart. Also another factor that affect's a person's IQ is learning. Those people who have learned to read in a really young age have different kind of potential than other people.

Music it is not only a talent but it is also sign that you have something more than other people. Playing an instrument, being involved with music increases IQ and also EQ. Being involved with music can be a really strong sign of your high intelligence.

Another sign could be your sensitiveness, every person is sensitive but not only emotionally. We all have sense organs our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. People who can smell, feel, hear, see and taste better than others tend to have more sensitive sense organs which can be a sign of high IQ

 There is another fact which i find more interesting. According some researchers people who's ring finger or your third finger is taller than your index finger tend to have more high  intelligence than other people.

These are very interesting facts. Do you posses these signs? Who knows maybe we are secret geniuses after all.

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