Mobbing Towards Women in the Private Sector

Mobbing Towards Women in the Private Sector

     Today, modern working life is much diversified with the development of technology. Growing sectors and modern life have also included women in business life. Mobbing, which is applied on women in many workplaces, negatively affects women employers. Mobbing is defined as psychological abuse that is applied to one or more people in business life. As a result of some researchers mobbing on women in the private sector is increasing as the competition environment increases. 

In order to eliminate the negative effects of business life on female employees, it is to be able to understand the mobbing problem very well and to bring solutions to it. First of all, “How does mobbing work for women in business? And what solutions can be brought? “We have to find answers to these questions, because women can’t be motivated at workplaces where mobbing is applied and they can’t find job satisfaction. As a result of these issues, it causes a general inefficiency. The concept of mobbing shows diversity over time. Some researchers involving the concept of mobbing, the victim is usually “Female” and the practitioner is male. However, according to recent studies, the victim was female and practitioner was also female. In some studies, the concept of mobbing and the process of mobbing for women in the private sector were evaluated by whom mobbing was applied.

Types of Mobbing

In order to understand the effects of and consequences of mobbing on women, first of all, it is necessary to understand the definition and types of mobbing. We see that the concept of mobbing, which is defined as psychological harassment or repression, takes place in two different ways.

Vertical (Hierarchical) Mobbing

1-Psychological abuse from top to bottom, the behavior of a supervisor’s to his/her employers.

2-Psychological abuse from bottom to top is the behavior of employees to their supervisor’s by action individually or collectively.

Horizontal (Peer to Peer) Mobbing

Even though vertical mobbing is more pressing, the type of horizontal mobbing has also a lot of negative effects.

The Mobbing Effect on Women

Mobbing problem is a threat to all women in the world. These are psychological, sexual, physical violence and repression methods for women. Basically, it is not an accurate approach to separate business life as men and women and to give one more rights than the other. Women are more exposed to these pressures and privileges than men, so this problem is more defined over women. 

What Should We Do

 A lot of women face mobbing today. Women who are difficult to participate on business are pushed away from business life because of such problems. Although mobbing is an undesirable situation, especially in the workplace environment, it reflects family environments, friends and social environments because the people who are exposed to mobbing often cannot get through the psychological pressure they are experiencing, and consequently we can see that an individual event is reflected in the general public. It should not be forgotten that this situation can lead to the economic, sociological and cultural weakness of society as well as the damage it has caused to individuals and that it can lead to degeneration. In order to solve these problems, the offices need to pay more attention to the peace and happiness of their employees and also provide more careful inspections.

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