Trump Declares "National Emergency" In The US 

Trump Declares "National Emergency" In The US 

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Trump Declares

US President Donald Trump declared a "national emergency" in the country, citing "violent incidents" on the southern border of the country.

After informing the press at the press conference held in The White House, he signed a presidential statement declaring a national emergency in the country. "I declare a national emergency because of the urgency of the southern borders, based on the mandate given to me by the US constitution," Trump said.

Reaction from Democrats

After President Trump declared an emergency in the country, the Democratic Party's prominent names reacted to the verdict. The President of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and New York Senator Chuck Schumer made a joint statement about the issue. "The fact that the president imposes a crisis that does not exist illegally is a serious violation of our constitution and makes our country more insecure," he said at the given statement.

 At the press conference Trump said," There are terrible drugs entering in our country, most of them are coming from the southern frontier, so we've arrested too many people on the southern frontier. The national emergency has been announced many times before for a much simpler reason. No one has ever made a noise we're talking about the invasion of our country "

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