US 'zombie' alarm 

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US 'zombie' alarm 

There is a 'chronic debilitating disease' panic in the United States. Mostly deers and canada deers are affected by the disease. The disease also is known as the Zombie disease.

The US has been experiencing 'zombie deer' panic in recent months. It was stated that the disease, which is defined as 'chronic debilitating disease', is lethal and occurs in deer and affects brain and spinal cord. It is also called 'zombie disease' because it causes weight loss and due to this reason aggressiveness is formed. 

It Did Not Effect Humans

There is no information that the disease has spread to people yet. However, recent studies have shown that they spread from animal to animal. The infected animals have already been detected in 24 states and 2 Canadian regions. According to Michael Osterhold, director of the Infectious Disease Research and Policy Center at the University of Minnesota, it poses a risk for people. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the disease was spread by consuming infected meat.

Experts said in any case, despite the possible symptoms of the animals should be avoided.

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