Why Mars Deserves To Be Our Second Home?

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Why Mars Deserves To Be Our Second Home?

    Mars, beautiful place isn't it. Who knows maybe we are going to be able to visit it thanks to Elon Musk. But i don't think most of us thinks only visiting the planet. They might even think living on it, but why? Did you ever think or wonder why mars? Why mars can be suitable for us to live? Can we actually live there? Can we create our own colony? Well i did a little research about it for you, this is "Why Mars deserves to be our second home?"

These might be the reasons why mars can be our second home;

1-Its soil contains water to extract.

2- It isn't too hot or too cold.

3- There is enough sunlight to use solar panels to obtain power.

4- Gravity on Mars is 38% that on earth many believe humans can adapt to it.

5- It has an atmosphere that offers protection from cosmic and Sun's radiation.

6- The day/night cycle is very similar to ours: a Mars day is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds long.

And here come the most important point...

It is the only planet that lies in the habitable zone other than earth.

So these are the point why Mars deserves to be our second home, well what do you think did you love mars? Would you live there?

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