Food art Instagrammers land big $ gigs with food brands

Fruit alchemists, Oreo artists and banana sculpting virtuosos blow up their Instagram feeds with singularly cute edible illustrations.  And it pays!

Be like a Mermaid with no fear of depths. ????? #leesamantha #foodart

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These media savvy mavens can get big $$ and snag high-end collaborations with food and restaurant brands doing what for the rest of us looks like a ton of fun.  Yes, artists are making a play in the big world of advertising.  The mermaid girl above just garnered a gig with #BenandJerrys ice cream. 

Ida Frosk, who labels herself an Instagram food artist and enthusiast is based in Oslo, Norway, specializes in making and eating art with healthy foods. Her contract with Burt's Bees in Germany was a huge success and she recently brought out a book.

Not everyone is quitting their day job quite yet, but there are a number of Instagram food art pros getting offers from smart public relations firms to run their social media accounts.  

Japanese chefs and designers are the undisputed masters of the cute food industry, and their work has surely inspired more than one Instagramer. 

It seems almost ubiquitous now, says one Instagramer who has over 100K followers, to the point where really creative people are looking for the next 'new thing'

Now on my snapchat (iSteef): Mr. B. Nana and his travel adventures. #?#?

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Banana Rama anyone? Here's hoping that the trend is here to stay a little while longer. How can you stop staring at the adorable silliness of a smiling arctic polar bear carved into a banana?

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